Jan 26, 2021

Those sweet fleeting first weeks with a new babe. There are certain moments as new parents, scattered in among a whirlwind of feedings, and diaper changes, and sleepless nights. The wrap of tiny fingers around yours, the sweet little yawns, the arch of a little back in midst of a stretch, the tiny socks that […]

The snow falls outside. It is the large kind of flakes that clump all together to land in your eyelashes and make for great sledding. The blur of white streaks outside the window add to the cozy inside. They feud over who gets to cuddle him. One loved little babe.

It is always such an honor to be invited into the home of a new babe. That quiet excitement can be felt from the moment I walk through the door. Those first weeks at home with a newborn are such a whirlwind of diapers, feedings, tiny onesies, uncertainty, snuggles, and love. And they go by […]

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